Music Theory Tests

MCMTA 2019-2020 Music Theory Tests

Chairperson: Julie Arras

Fall Test: November 2, 2019 (Make-Up Test: November 3, 2019 – 1:30 PM)

Registration deadline: September 15, 2019 – NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED

Spring Test: February 1, 2020 (Make-Up Test: February 2, 2020 – 1:30 PM)

Registration deadline: Decemeber 15, 2019 – NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED

Registration Fee: $13.00 per student. Fees may be paid online when registering or by checks made out to MCMTA (see online registration form for details). Checks must be postmarked by the registration deadline.

All students must be registered Student Affiliate members to participate.

Location: Living Word Lutheran Church, Grapevine, Tx

NEW Syllabus

  • The NEW syllabus is in effect for grades 1-11.
  • Grades 12 will test on the OLD syllabus.
    • You can find the syllabus and review tests at under the “Members Only” tab (then go to theory)

Student Arrival Times:

Grades 7-12: 9:00 AM Main Entrance
Grades 4-6: 9:30 AM Family Life Center
Grades 1-3: 10:30 AM Family Life Center
Parents are not allowed to go with student to their testing room.

ONLINE Registration: 

(It can also be accessed under “For Teachers” at      

  • The Registration Fee is $13.00 per studentand is due at the time of registration. If you do not pay ONLINE, you will need to mail your check to Julie Arras a few days early so that it arrives on the stated deadline along with your registration form, with your students listed alphabetically (last name) and in grade order.
  • No late registrations will be accepted.

Required Testing Level

  • To be eligible for Whitlock theory medals and senior theory awards, a student must test at the school grade level. Homeschooled students must declare a school grade upon enrollment and take the test at that level.
  • No student will be allowed to take a test above the current school grade level. Such tests will be considered ineligible and will be returned to the local chair.
  • Students who skip a school grade or who are promoted during the year will be required to take the test at both grade levels for medal and award eligibility.
  • A student may not take the theory test on two levels during the same testing period.
  • Students that repeat a grade must test no higher than the current school grade, even if it means repeating a test previously taken and passed. The student will be eligible to earn a medal.
  • Students in Grade 1 must pass the Level 1 test.
  • Students in Grade 2 may take a level 1or level 2 test.
  • Students in Grade 3 may take a level 1, level 2 or level 3 test.
  • Students in Grade 4 may take a level 2, level 3, or level 4 test.
  • Students in Grade 5 may take a level 3, level 4, or level 5 test.
  • Students in Grades 6-12 may take a level 4 test to the level equal to their school grade.
  • Students earning a Whitlock medal (90 or higher on grade level) and students earning a Theory Achievement Medal (90 or higher below grade level) MUST advance to the next higher level on subsequent test.
  • Any student who does not earn a medal may RETAKEthe same level exam on subsequent test.
  • Documented special needs students may remain at the Level 4 test level if unable to pass a higher grade to qualify for any SA activity. These special needs students must pass the 4th test level each year with a minimum score of 70, but may attempt a higher test. Further exceptions are at the discretion of the TMTA SA Theory Coordinator.
  • Tests must go through the grading process. Local ensemble, original composition, and performance coordinators must verify theory eligibility to be eligible for ensemble, original composition contest, publication contest, and performance contest.
  • A student is required to take and pass the test on only one level in order to be eligible for ensemble, original composition, publication and performance, even if that student has skipped a grade in school.

Test Day:

  • Teachers that register students for testing are required to help administer tests.
  • Teacher assignments will be sent during the week prior to the test.
  • Teachers may not administer the tests to their own students.
  • However, if scheduling requires teachers and their students to be assigned to the same testing area, the teacher must refrain from talking with their students.

Make-up Tests:

  • The criteria for a student to take the make-up test is:
    • Illness.
    • School activity conflict.
    • Out of town on the test day.
  • This is not an optional test day. Please adhere to the above reasons for sending a student.
  • Teachers are expected to monitor at the test if any of their students will be there.


  • Medals are awarded to students scoring 90 or above on a test taken at his/her grade level and state-graded. Students that do not take a test at their grade level will not receive a medal.
  • Gold: 98-101 Silver: 94-97 Bronze: 90-93
  • Certificates of Achievement are available for students that score 70 or above. Teachers are responsible for ordering them for their own students at
  • Theory medals will be ordered by the theory chairman.  Certificates of Achievment must be ordered by teachers.

Teacher’s Theory manuals are available to purchase at under “Forms.”

Parent Information:

Each student will need two well sharpened #2 lead pencils (no mechanical pencils) and a clipboard (in case a table is not available).

There is a small area in the Family Life Center for parents to wait, however, we encourage you to feel free to run errands, go for coffee, etc. The students are well supervised and they will return to the Family Life Center upon completion of the test. You will need to come inside to pick-up your child. Older students that drive themselves to take the test may leave upon completing their test and turning it in.

It is very important that the church be kept as quiet as possible to allow the students to fully concentrate on the test. No talking in the hallways or while waiting in the Family Life Center. Cell phones should be muted and calls should be made outside the building. Please keep clear of the entrance area once you have checked in and help us to keep the halls clear for groups of students to move through. We greatly appreciate your cooperation!

Grades 1 – 3 60 – 90 minutes
Grades 4 – 9 2 hours
Grades 10 – 12 Up to 3 hours

We appreciate the opportunity to have the STUDENT AFFILIATE THEORY TESTING available for your children and thank you for helping us to make this a successful day for all.


Contact Julie Arras at (817) 576-2816 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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