Music Theory Tests

MCMTA 2023-2024

TMTA Music Theory Tests



Chairperson: Julie Arras

FALL TEST: November 4, 2023

SPRING TEST: February 3, 2024



Fall – September 15, 2023

 Spring – December 15, 2023


Online registration only.  Registration Fee: $15.00 per student. Fees may be paid online when registering or by checks made out to MCMTA (see online registration form for details).

* Registration is due by September 15.
* Entry fee is $15
* Register for SA on the MCMTA website!! (not by check and paper!) Be sure ALL your testing students have been registered as Student Affiliate members!
* Testing is IN-PERSON at North Park Baptist on 7025 Mid-Cities Blvd (in NRH)
* Use THIS link to register:

All students must be registered Student Affiliate members to participate.

No late registrations will be accepted.

There are new rules about testing. See the following:

  • Adult students are now eligible to participate in both theory testing. They must join Student Affiliate to test.  

  • If a student testing in the TMTA Theory program for the first time does not pass the theory test level attempted, the teacher may choose to move the student to a lower test level for the next testing period. For example, if a new student is entered at Level 6 and the student fails the test, the teacher may choose to lower the student to an easier level such as Level 4 for the next testing period.

  • Students who have earned a medal on the Level 9, 10, or 11 theory test may continue to test at the same level and still be eligible for other theory required Student Affiliate events with a passing score of 70 or above.
    Here are a few examples:
    • A student who earned a Whitlock or Theory Achievement Medal on Level 9 last year may take and pass the Level 9 test again this year and through his/her senior year for SA eligibility.
    • An 11th grade student who earned a Whitlock medal last year on the Level 10 test may take and pass the Level 10 test again this year and next year for SA eligibility.
    • A 12th grade student who earned a Whitlock medal last year on the Level 11 test may take and pass the Level 11 test again this year for SA eligibility.
    Other important reminders:
    • Students may remain at the same test level until receiving a medal with the exception of those in Grades 10-12 who may continue to test at Level 9, 10, or 11 regardless of medal status.
    • Students do not have a required minimum test level unless participating in another Student Affiliate event requiring theory testing. Please refer to the TMTA Handbook for more information.
    • All students earning a 90 or higher on a TMTA SA theory test will earn a medal: Whitlock medal for at grade level testing or Theory Achievement Medal for below grade level testing.
    • Keep encouraging students to aim for the Senior Awards!
    Bonus questions for levels 8-12 will no longer be a writing counts under notes and rests or a sight-reading question. They will be written questions.
    All the new 2023 changes can be found in the TMTA website or by using this link:
  • Tests must go through the grading process. Local ensemble, original composition, and performance coordinators must verify theory eligibility to be eligible for ensemble, original composition contest, publication contest, and performance contest.
  • A student is required to take and pass the test on only one level in order to be eligible for ensemble, original composition, publication and performance, even if that student has skipped a grade in school.


    • Medals are awarded to students scoring 90 or above on a test taken at his/her grade level and state-graded. Students that do not take a test at their grade level will not receive a medal.
    • Gold: 98-101 Silver: 94-97 Bronze: 90-93
    • Certificates of Achievement are available for students that score 70 or above. Teachers are responsible for ordering them for their own students at
    • Theory medals will be ordered by the theory chairman.  Certificates of Achievment must be ordered by teachers.

    Teacher’s Theory manuals are available to purchase at under “Forms.”


    Contact Julie Arras (Theory Chair) at (817) 576-2816 or email at: [email protected]

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