Mid-Cities Music Teachers Association

2023-2024 Festivals

Festival Chairs: Sarah Alexander, [email protected]

Sarah Archer, [email protected]

Fall Festival – November 18, 2023

Piano/Strings/Vocal Solo Division

Online registration by teachers only.




Sonata/Sonatina Festival – April 6, 2024

(Piano only)



    Registration Fees – All fees must be paid online


    • $20.00 per student for MCMTA members
    • $30.00 per student for non-MCMTA members.

      Critique Sheet 

      (Print and fill out one for each student/ensemble)




      1. *** Participating teachers are required to sign up and monitor an adjudication room. ***
      2. Teachers will be responsible for notifying students of their assigned time and rooms. They will be notified of the schedule by email AFTER registration closes. Teachers may want to print a student information sheet for each student. Teachers must inform the Festival Chair of any switched times within their studio. Students will only be allowed to play at the designated time on the master schedule that the door monitors will have on the day of the festival. Teachers or students who have switched times without notifying the Festival Chair will not be allowed to play other than at their assigned time. Please note that the schedule will not be modified to accommodate students who are sharing scores or books.
      3. Please notify the Festival Chair of any cancelled time slots.
      4. Please provide one adjudication sheet for each student. Be sure to have it filled out ahead of the assigned performance time.
      5. Teachers may use a festival schedule sheet to keep track of schedules and student ratings.
      6. Teachers and/or parents are not allowed to enter the audition room or confer with the judge. Judges’ decisions are final and may not be challenged. Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Festival Chair.
      7. Please refer to the repertoire requirements. Students performing repertoire that does not meet the requirements will not receive a rating.
      8. We would appreciate it if you would also print off a teacher festival questionaire sheet and return it to us at the end of the festival.


      Fall Festival Repertoire Requirements:

      The chosen repertoire must be from the standard solo piano, vocal, or strings literature of the Baroque to Contemporary time periods and the genre can range from classical to jazz. NO ARRANGEMENTS OR IMPROVISATION ALLOWED. An original score must be provided for the judge, no copies please. Music must be performed from memory.


      Sonata / Sonatina Festival Repertoire Requirements:

      This festival is designed for students to perform one movement of a Sonata or Sonatina from memory for an adjudicator. The selected movement must be from ANY standard piano Sonata or Sonatina, not limited to the Classical period. NO ARRANGEMENTS ALLOWED. An original score must be provided for the judge, no copies please.




      1. Students must bring their music for the judge with measures clearly numbered! If you forget your music, please go home and get it. (Originals only, no photocopies.) Students will not be allowed to play without an original score of their music for the judge.
      2. Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Be aware that the festival schedule can run ahead or behind and be prepared to adjust accordingly. Check in with the monitor at your assigned room.
      3. Practice rooms will be available for students to warm up.
      4. Ratings will be given to the student when the music and adjudication sheet is returned by the monitor.  STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE RIBBONS FROM THE MONITOR AT THE ADJUDICATION ROOM. Only students making a Superior + will need to take their adjudication sheet and go directly to the check-out table to be scheduled for an Honors Recital. An Honors Recital schedule will be at the check-out table. Students who have not received a Superior + do not need to go to the check-out table and are free to leave after receiving their music, adjudication sheet, and ribbon from the monitor.




      1. The Honors Recitals are generally held in Center Corner in the NSTU building on the TCC Northeast Campus.
      2. The Honors Recital schedule varies each year. Depending on facility availability, the recitals will either run concurrently with the festival or will be scheduled in the evening after the festival. The recital schedule will be set when festival performance times are assigned. The following is a sample schedule taken from previous recital schedules:
        • Winners from 9:00-10:30 will play in the 10:45 recital.
        • Winners from 10:30-12:00 will play in the 12:30 recital.
        • Winners from 1:00 to 2:30 will play in the 3:00 recital.
        • Winners from 2:30 – 4:00 will play in the 4:30 recital.
      3. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time and check in with the Recital hosts.
      4. Students will not be allowed to warm-up or practice in the recital hall before the recital.
      5. Students and audience members must be prepared to stay through the entire recital.




      1. All students and family members must stay quiet in the hallways at all times. Please take personal conversations and rambunctious children outside. The Festival Committee greatly appreciates your help in minimizing distractions to the performers, monitors, and judges.
      2. Students need to check in with the monitor at their assigned room. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled performance time


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